Properties Panel

The Properties Panel is present on the right side of the UI Builder page. It displays all the properties that you can apply to customize any selected widget, present in your Teta canvas. From here you can also change the name of the selected widget.
There are two main tabs inside the Properties Panel:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
The properties that you choose are only applied to the selected widget. Even if you have several similar widgets, you will need to customize them individually or copy and paste the widget.

1. Properties

Under the Properties tab, you will find the widget properties that you can modify. Available properties will vary by widget type.
Additional details on each widget are contained in the Widget section.

2. Actions

You can handle gestures, when a button is tapped, when a text field value is submitted and so on, from the Actions tab of the Properties panel. These actions differ according to the widget selected (on some widgets you can’t apply any actions).
You can add an action to any widget, that supports it, by clicking on Add Action button and selecting the type of gesture to handle. The Action Type dropdown lets you select what type of action you want to perform, including Navigate and State. After that, you can set up and customize the action by selecting the appropriate properties.
Last modified 9mo ago