1. Home

In the Dashboard Home you have an overview of your app along with Analytics. From this section you can go to the App Builder.

2. Settings

On this section, you can modify your project name and package name. From here, you can also customize various app settings including launcher icon.
The integrations offered by Teta are also accessible from this section – Supabase, Google AdMob, Braintree, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

3. Database

The Database section allows you to create, update, or delete a record from a collection directly with Teta.

4. Users

From this page you can enable/disable authentication for your application directly from and see the accounts that have authenticated.

5. Custom Queries

6. Backups

Teta handles all your database backups.

7. API

On Teta, you can build applications to interact with thousands of external services using their APIs