The Homepage helps you manage your projects in Teta. You can create and delete your projects and add people to your organization from this page. Your account information and plan details are also accessible from this page.

1. Resources

In this section you will find various useful links that can help you in creating applications on Teta.
The Tutorials are extremely helpful in learning any concept, and feel free to use the Docs. And you will also find the Notifications button where you will get invitations from organizations.

2. New Organization

For creating a new organization, you can use the + button here.

3. Account

The Account page is helpful if you want to take a look at your account information.

4. Organization

In the right side of the screen, under the Organizations section you will find a list of your organizations.
Clicking on an organization will open a panel where you can perform the following actions by selecting:
  • The General tab, to edit the name of the organization and delete it
  • The Team tab, to add people to the team

5. Projects

This section displays the projects you have created on Teta, you can easily navigate to any of them from this page. For creating a new project you can use the + New Project button here.
By clicking on the Dot icon (
) you can perform the following actions on projects:
  • Rename the project.
  • Duplicate the project.
  • Delete the project.