Line Icons

Line icons are a set of icons of Icons8.

Add an Icon to your project

To add an Icon to your project:
  • Add the Line Icon directly from the Widget Panel.
The default Icon widget shows the plus icon.

Styling the Icon

Changing the Size

To change the size of the container:
  • Inside the Property Editor, navigate to the Width and Height. (Under the Icon properties).
  • There are two ways to set container dimensions:
    • To set to an exact size, select PX and enter the desired values.
    • To set the dimensions as a % of the screen size, select % and enter the desired value.

Adding a Color

To add a color to the icon:
  • Select the Line Icon from the Tree Area.
  • Move to the Property Editor and navigate to the Fill.
  • Enter the color code or simply choose it either from Palette.