The map is used to get information about the world simply and visually. It presents the world places by showing its shape and sizes, locations and distance between them.

Adding Map to your project

To add the Map widget in your project:
  • First, select the Map widget from the Widget Panel.
  • Go to the Integration section and click on MapBox.
  • Enter MapBox Key.
  • Add within the Scaffold a State and as type enter Map Controller.
  • Go back to Map widget and find the Map Controller dropdown and change it to State.


The Properties Panel can be used to customize the behavior of your Map widget.

Enable/Disable Dark Mode

By default, dark mode is active. You can enable or disable these controls using the Dark Mode property.To enable/disable Dark Mode:
  • Select the Map from the Tree Area.
  • Move to the Property Editor.
  • Find the Dark Mode property, disable to display the light mode and enable to display the dark mode.
Last modified 6mo ago