Login with Facebook

To enable Facebook Auth for your project, you need to set up a Facebook OAuth application and add the application credentials to your Teta Auth.
Authentication comprises of following steps:

1. Create and configure a Facebook Project

1.1 Access your Facebook account

1.2 Register your application and set login

  • From the Applications page , click Create App.
  • Select the type of app you are developing.
  • Insert Name and a Contact email for your app.
  • Click Create App, then insert your Password to confirm.
  • Once done, click Configure on the Facebook Login service.
  • Facebook Login section should appear on the sidebar, go to the Settings.
  • Set Redirect url, then Save.
Callback URL

1.3 Copy your new OAuth credentials

  • Go to the Settings page, OAuth credentials are at the top of the page.
  • To get the Client Secret, you have to click on Show.

2. Adding credentials to Teta

You must add the App credentials to your Teta project.
To add the credentials:
  • Select a Teta project and navigate to Teta Auth.
  • Select Settings.
  • Find Facebook and enter the credentials.
  • When you are done, save.

3. Adding a Login Action

  • Place a Login with Facebook element in your project.
  • Select it and go to Actions.
  • Add an On tap action, then select the Facebook option under Teta Auth.