Integrating the RevenueCat in your app comprises the following steps:


1. Setup RevenueCat

Setting up RevenueCat comprises the following steps:

1.1 Create and register your app with RevenueCat

Follow the first 3 steps of the following guide by RevenueCat to create and configure your RevenueCat app:

1.2 Create Products, Entitlements, and Offers

RevenueCat uses an Entitlements system to control access to premium features, and Offerings to manage the set of products you offer to customers.
Learn more about configuring products in RevenueCat here.

2. Enable RevenueCat in Teta

To enable RevenueCat in Teta:
  • Open your project and go to Teta Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings and select RevenueCat.
  • Enable RevenueCat integration.
  • Get the Play Store and App Store keys by visiting RevenueCat app -> API Keys -> Public app-specific API keys, and copy the key.
  • Paste the key inside the Play Store Key and App Store Key input box.